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Topsy-turvy operetta

Madison Savoyards try their hand at "Die Fledermaus"

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July 19, 2018

5:00 AM

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Rebecca Stanley’s sumptuous costumes include the Phoenix ballgown, modeled by Courtney Kayser (front).

To see Die Fledermaus as you’ve never seen it before, you’ll want to catch Madison Savoyards’ production of the popular comic opera.

The operetta, written by Johann Strauss II, is a departure for the 55-year-old company; it will mark the first fully staged non-Gilbert and Sullivan work that the company has mounted in its history. But stage director J. Adam Shelton says the Savoyards aren’t abandoning Gilbert and Sullivan. Shelton, a board member and outgoing president of the Savoyards, says that the company needs audience to stay afloat and some GS shows don’t garner the same audience as the “big three”: HMS Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance and The Mikado . “Last year the company researched the possibility of offering other light opera as the mainstage event,” he says. “We thought that our emerald anniversary would be a good time to try something different.”

Fledermaus, which runs July 20-29 at UW-Madison’s Music Hall, is also the first directorship for Shelton, a lyric tenor who has performed in theaters around town and in the blockbuster opera, Dead Man Walking (Madison Opera, 2014). For a director whose heart is in comedy, Fledermaus is a perfect fit.

Composed in 1874, Die Fledermaus (The Bat) is a tale of revenge gone awry. The backstory to the opera takes place a few years before when Eisenstein and his friend Falke leave a costume party and Eisenstein abandons his drunk friend, who is dressed as a bat, in the center of town.

When the curtain rises on the first act, it’s payback time as Eisenstein (Tim Rebers) prepares to go to jail for striking a police officer, and Dr. Blind, his incompetent lawyer (Anmol Gupta), somehow manages to lengthen his sentence. Eisenstein’s wife Rosalinda (Erin Bryan) doesn’t know what she’ll do without her husband for so long, but Alfred, an ex-lover (Nick Kaplewski), and Falke (Ben Swanson) give her some ideas. Adele, the chambermaid (Michelle Buck), has lied to get the day off to attend a ball, and finally, the wrong man is taken to jail.

When it seems that things couldn’t get more confusing, the characters change their identities at Prince Orlofsky’s costume ball, with Kirsten Larson singing Orlofsky’s “trouser role” (a man’s role sung by a woman). How this topsy-turvy world ends right-side-up is best left for you to experience.

Costume designer Rebecca Stanley will channel Muppets creator Jim Henson in the ballroom segment, which will also include dancers from the Central Midwest Ballet Academy. And a 26-player orchestra, under the direction of conductor Kyle Knox, will swing Strauss’s waltzes to life.

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3 minutes
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When choosing a career, we weigh many factors. Chief among our considerations are what we enjoy doing, how much we can expect to earn and the kind of lifestyle we want to lead. And though many would hesitate to admit it, one other determinant withan inordinate amount of weight is a career’s relative prestige.

Prestige serves a sophisticated social function. How a person’s job is perceived can have a huge impact on how they are viewed by others and even themselves. Sociologist Everett Hughes referred to a person’s job title as “a combination of price-tag and calling card .”

We’ve come to think of prestige as an inherent quality; we sense that certain jobs are more worthwhile than others, without being able to pinpoint exactly why. On a surface level, we may associate prestige with power (as with state leaders or CEOs), high salaries (as with celebrities), or the intellectual rigor of the job itself (as with medicine or engineering).

It’s true these all play a role.But the sum total of what contributes to a job’s cultural standing is more complicated. Our measurement of status works on an emotional level as much as an empirical one , and can change with time and circumstance.

Our assessments of a person’s worth based on their job extends beyond an estimation of finances and into the more personal realm of character assessment.

For example, the philosophers, artists and writers of today are not held in the same cultural esteem as they were in the eighteenth century. Airline hostesses, once glamour personified, now simply have a job like the rest of us, albeit itat 10,000 feet. After 2008, bankers fell from grace. Conversely, in the last decade, the ambitious might consider becoming software developers or entrepreneurs just as much as doctors or lawyers.

The fluidity of prestige can be explained by how we actually use it. Occupational prestige, viewed through the lens of identity theory, allows us a way of doing a quick and crude (but nonetheless important) categorization of the people around us.

This knee-jerk assessment of a person’s worth based on their job extends beyond an estimation of finances or their usefulness in a professional network, and moves into the much more personal realm of character assessment. Because of cues we’ve been given since birth, we subconsciously attach certain character traits tocertain careers (which is why prestige can make a potential career so attractive — or vice versa.)

Basic info at a glance: Where: Times: Travel: Writers:

Programme: The programme for the day will be live soon, but a brief breakdown of the day is as follows: 10.00: refreshments registration (choose workshop preferences) 10.30: introduction / guest performance 11.00: panel QA with 4 writers 11.30: 9 workshops talks running 12.45: lunch, networking, guest performances 2.00 panel QA with 4 writers 2.30: 9 workshops talks running 3.45: Tea cake break 4.20: Open mic/ prize giving to winners of Hive Young Writers competition 5.30: Poetry Slam competition – warm and supportive! 6.30 – End


Cost: The whole day will cost just £6.50 including ALL workshops, talks lunch! FOOTWEAR Sandals Soisire Soiebleu urcOUEv
We have made the day as cheap as possible to support access and encourage young writers to travel so there is no concession ticket. If a discounted ticket would help because of long distance travel costs, please get in touch. Also note, advance train tickets can be a real bargain if you are coming a distance but don’t leave it too near the time!

Cost: The whole day will cost just £6.50 including ALL workshops, talks lunch! Get tickets page

NEWSFLASH!! We are sold out! We do hope you got a ticket in time!


Tickets must be purchased in advance via: 1) Eventbrite:£6.50 + 90p booking fee (£7.40) Badgley Mischka Woman Sequinembellished Lace Dress Crimson Size 4 Badgley Mischka jx2dItqtZ
As a small team, we’d appreciateyou using Eventbrite where possible, but i f you have any issues or difficultiespaying throughthe Eventbrite system, or funds mean you need to avoid the 90p booking fee, drop us a line. If you have online banking, a bank transfer is an option. Or ifessential, we can do paypal. Please try and use Eventbrite though if possible – we thank you! Note: Please don’t leave purchasinga ticket until last minute, we don’t know how quick they will sell ( they will they go up slightly for the last week or so as above) 2) Hive groups: If you are a member of a Hive young writers group in Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham, please book only via the writerwho runs your group 3) Coming as a groups If you would like to come as a group, please get in touch via info@hivesouthyorkshire.com Group discounts available to support travel costs. If you run a young writers’ group in the North, please get in touchas we’d love to have your group at the festival.

Tickets must be purchased in advance via: 1) Eventbrite:£6.50 + 90p booking fee (£7.40) Eventbrite book here 2) Hive groups:

The woodcutter does need downtime to rest, but it is not “sharpening the axe”. The woodcutter only becomes more productive by sharpening his blade, analysing new woodcutting techniques, exercising to become stronger, and learning from other woodcutters.

Sharpening the axe is an activity. You too can sharpen the axe of your life. Here are examples of axe-sharpening activities:

Read a book every day.

Get out of your comfort zone by changing jobs. A new job forces you to learn.

Have a deep conversation with someone you find interesting. Sharpen your axe through that interaction.

Pick up a new hobby. Stretch yourself physically, mentally or emotionally.

Study something new.

Overcome a specific fear you have or quit a bad habit.

Have a daily exercise routine or take part in some competition.

Identify your blind spots. Understand, acknowledge, and address them.

Ask for feedback and get a mentor.

Learn from people who inspire you. Subscribe to Leaderonomics Media and watch interviews of great leaders.

You have to do it as often as possible. But if you’re so focused on your task at hand with no time for discussion, introspection, or study, you’re not really moving forward. Just as a car needs to be refuelled with petrol to keep it going, we likewise need refuelling through learning.

The Management Mythbuster author David Axson believes most organisations still rely on outdated management strategies that are irrelevant today. Unless we are sharpening our axe daily by observing the changing world and changing ourselves accordingly, we risk becoming irrelevant.

Andrew Grove reinvented Intel and oversaw a 4,500-time increase in market capitalisation by his daily habitual “axe-sharpening” ritual of understanding global changes and taking advantage of it to ensure Intel remained relevant. Employees at Japanese organisations like Toyota believe it’s a crisis if they do not create improvement each day.

The “kaizen mindset” means that every day, whether you are a line worker or executive, you find ways to learn something new and apply it to what you are doing. This daily organisational ritual of “sharpening the axe” forces employees to be alert, mindful and constantly improving.

Great leaders, like Gandhi , Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs have a continuous appetite for learning and growth. They always listen and watch in the hope of learning new ideas and discovering new truths and realities.

This might interest you: Do You Have A Clear Case For Change

This might interest you:

Interestingly, many of us do just the opposite. By staying in the same job for many years, although we become experts and the role becomes easy, our learning flattens. We don’t like changing jobs as there is pain and struggle involved in taking on new roles. But, the more we struggle, the more learning we glean.

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